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  • We welcome you in our nursery school “First Steps” established in 1996, admitting children from two and a half up to six years old.
  • Our
    We have created an environment of love and acceptance, primarily respecting the needs and individualities of every child along with their personal pace, aiming at nurturing the following fields:

    We strongly believe that children grow, learn and become a part of society only when they are loved, when they lead a happy life and have the opportunity to create on their own.

  • Basic
    The first years of our life are the most significant. Why?

    We can learn at a great ease and speed.

    Experiences during this time period are carved in our conscience for ever.

    Adults’ psychological health depends on their life quality during their early (infantile) years.

    Future school performance of children will depend on experiences and achievements of those years.

  • Program
    The education program is based on the Montessori education system focusing on the following keystones:

    Development of sensory skills
    Activities which help to develop the children’s sensory skills so that through exploration may realize the properties of their close environment.

    Activities relevant to art, morals, customs, Geography, Zoology and Botany which offer the children the opportunity to expand their interests and explore their wider civilization environment.
    Practical drills of day life
    Activities assisting the child to acquire autonomy regarding their personal care every day.

    Activities targeting to awake the child’s sensibility towards the environment and the ways it functions.

    Language development and concepts of mathematics
    Creative activities which help to enrich oral expression as well as phonemic awareness in order to introduce the child to the wonderful world of reading and writing.

    Activities to assist children conceive numbers and their value through sensory material at first and then by switching to symbols offer them a mathematics journey starting from the concrete to the abstract.

  • Learning
    • Language Development: Learning drills preparing for writing and reading skills (fairy tales, songs free expression, language games, oral and writing drills).
    • Sensory skills: Experimentation on sizes, colors, shapes, sounds surfaces, tastes.
    • Cooking and Pastry Making
    • Mathematics concepts: Learning mathematic through sensory experiences, introduction to symbols, drills and decimals using the unique material of Maria Montessori
    • English: Helping children to get familiar with English through daily activities and permanent supervision of an English speaking teacher.
    • Artistic expression: Drawing using various styles materials, construction, sculpture and getting to know (meeting) artists.
    • Music: Music and gym education Approaching music by playing musical instruments, listening to music and concerts performed at school.
    • Theatrical game and puppets.
    • Dance
    • Socialization activities: Developing communication skills respect, politeness, expression as well as feelings management.
    • Outdoors activities: Excursions to the countryside, gardening and environment exploration.
    • Activities outside school: visiting to museums, theatres, work places.
    • Computers:Acquiring computer skills by playing games.
  • School Year
    School Year
    The school starts from September 11 and ends June 30. It is closed during school holidays.
    School program
    Program A: 9:00-13:00
    Program B: 9:00-15:00
    Tuition includes the following benefits:
    • Insurance
    • Medical care
    • Visits to museums, theatres etc.
    • Seminars for parents by specialized teachers on Pre-School education
    • Child Psychologists
    • Events and festivals
    At 10:30 a.m. we offer children fresh fruit, juice or milk. Children who stay in school until 15.00, bring their own food from home, which follows the daily school food.
    We provide a school bus for the safe transportation of children always accompanied by specialized personnel. Use of school bus is optional.
  • Get to know us
    Teaching staff
    Our teaching staff consists of highly experienced teachers,university graduates specialized in the Montessori system.

    Every teacher is responsible for a group of 10-12 children.

    Teaching of English
    Our nursery school is bilingual Greek-English. Accordingly a part of the teaching staff consists of English speaking teachers specialized in the Montessori system.

    Taking into consideration the innate capacity of the child to absorb a foreign language in the same way as the native one tutors teach the children English through day activities.